Pediatric Services

Pediatric Services

Children can suffer from many of the same foot conditions that adults do, including plantar warts, flat feet, and ingrown toenails. Some of these conditions may occur more frequently in children due to their developing bodies and their active lifestyles. Normal bone and muscle growth changes in the legs may contribute to heel pain and flat feet throughout childhood. Because children and adolescents can be tough on their feet, warts and ingrown toenails can be common problems.

We treat all common pediatric foot conditions, including:

Ingrown Toenails – An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the nail of a toe grows into the skin adjacent to it. This causes pain and often results in an infection. Ingrown toenails are a problem that can affect anyone regardless of age, but they do occur frequently in children. The result of an ingrown toenail is an infection of the skin surrounding the ingrown nail. The infected skin will often appear very red and swollen.

Plantar Warts – A plantar wart is a skin lesion on the sole of the foot that is caused by a virus. Often mistaken for a corn or callous, the plantar wart is a circular area of thick skin that creates discomfort with weight-bearing. A tell-tale sign of a wart is the appearance of tiny “black dots” within the lesion. Warts can occur on any area of skin, including around toenails, but they tend to occur on the sole of the foot.

Flat Feet – A child may have flat feet (Feet with minimal to no arches) for a variety of reasons, including orthopedic developmental changes that may be outgrown with no lasting problems. Treatment of the condition becomes necessary if flat feet are associated with leg or foot pain, making it difficult to walk, or if one foot is flat relative to the other.

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