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JULY 2013

ST. PAUL, MN – Dr. Ali Anaim is a leader in the treatment of torn, damaged or diseased Achilles tendons and has been collaborating with Stellen Medical, LLC, a medical device manufacturer in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He is using Proformix™tissue matrix in tendon repair in select cases.

When working with patients with active lifestyles, return to activity (level and time) is an important factor to be considered when choosing treatment. In some cases he chooses to use a tissue matrix to provide the optimum environment for tendon healing.

Dr. Anaim says “We have used a biologic matrix, Proformix, to reinforce Achilles tendon repairs and have realized improved outcomes as a result of using this product. We choose to use Proformix because of its structurally intact, non-crosslinked, acellular collagen matrix that provides a natural biologic scaffold to support tissue regeneration and minimal foreign body response and encapsulation.”

Dr. Anaim describes the procedure as “The tendon is prepared by removing all dead and non-viable tissue. The site is measured and the graft is cut to size. The goal of placing the matrix is to achieve intimate contact with viable tissue without any wrinkles in the graft. This ensures the most contact for revascularization.” To date the procedure has been very successful in Dr. Anaim’s practice.