Diabetic Foot Care and Risk Assessment

diabetic foot care

Diabetes is not just a problem controlling blood sugar, diabetes can also have an effect on nearly all parts of the body. Continued high levels of blood sugar can cause permanent damage to everything from small blood vessels (diabetic angiopathy), nerves (peripheral neuropathy), and even the sweat glands of the skin (autonomic neuropathy). Uncontrolled diabetes greatly reduces your ability to fight off infections and makes even healing small wounds more difficult. These complications of diabetes, when accompanied by bunions and hammertoes, neuropathy, or problems with blood flow can result in infected, non-healing wounds (ulcers). Unfortunately, these ulcers often occur on the feet and decrease standard of living. Our team will stay in close communication with your primary care physician to better manage your diabetes, be it your 3 month check-up, or more frequent visits for wound care. We offer all forms of diabetic management such as custom diabetic shoes, specialist vascular evaluation, therapeutic lotions and ointments, and even advanced collagen products and skin grafting to accelerate wound healing. Whether your diabetic concerns are big or small, we will be with you every step of the way.

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